Usher’s New Look to share their innovative approach at Harvard Graduate School of Education

We are excited to host Usher’s New Look to speak at the Harvard Graduate School of Education on Monday, April 10, 2017, 12-1pm in Longfellow 319 (HGSE).

Event title:  How UNL achieves 100% high school graduation rates with their leadership academy participants

Speaker:   Ms. Yvette Cook, President, Ushers  New  Look, and James Harris, Global Ambassador of Youth, Usher’s New Look

Date:  Monday, April 10, 2017, 12-1pm Longfellow 319 (HGSE)

Summary:   In its 18th  year, Ushers  New  Look  (UNL) has achieved consistent results with their students.  Taken from an underserved demographic (students from schools of 45-55% graduation rates), 100% of UNL’s high school students graduate on time and 98% progress forward to secondary education - be it college, trade school or military service.  Come learn about UNLs success  secret  from its President, Yvette Cook.   She will disclose why and how UNLs programming is so successful.   Youll also hear an inspiring first hand account from UNLs youth ambassador, James Harris, a graduate of the program and how this unique programming provided him with the tools necessary to turn his life around.