About Transforming Teaching

The Transforming Teaching Project aims to revolutionize the way teaching is organized, supported, and regarded in the United States. We work with a growing coalition of education organizations committed to working in concert with one another to deliver transformative change to the teaching profession.

How we’ll get there.

The project supports work in four main categories

The R&D System

Creating a system to produce, vet, disseminate, and get into use knowledge about quality teaching.


The Social Learning System

Knowledge is only useful if there are processes for getting it into use.


The Policy Ecosystem

Offering the right incentives and infrastructure needed for the success of the R&D and social learning systems.

The Leadership Team.

This project is led by Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) Associate Professor Jal Mehta, guided by a group composed of practitioners and leaders from across the sector, and supported by HGSE doctoral candidates.

Meet the Leadership Team

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