The Transforming Teaching Podcast Launches

The Transforming Teaching Project Podcast Launches

The newly launched Transforming Teaching Project Podcast is a great way to stay connected to the thoughts, research, and practice of education leaders and educators across the nation. You can access The Transforming Teaching Podcast on iTunes, Podbean, and Stitcher Radio. The podcast is a space for education leaders to share with us exciting ways in which people are working together to enhance the teaching profession. The library to date includes:

  • Jal Mehta is featured in Episode 001, waxing eloquent about the critical components that are needed for us to build a system for quality teaching.
  • Episode 002, published last week, features Dr. Deborah Hirsch from the Woodrow Wilson Academy of teaching and learning, who with her team is preparing to launch the nation’s first competency-based graduate school of education. How and why they are “throwing out the clock” to prepare teachers, what design challenges they face, where their graduates will teach, and how they might open source both their platform and curriculum are among the questions explored on this 29 minute-long podcast.
  • Episode 003 will be available shortly.

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